What Lies Beneath is a multidisciplinary project about the white lies parents tell their children. It shows what could happen if these lies become reality. Kay’s mother told him for instance, that he should never swallow toothpaste otherwise his belly would glow at night. This scared him so much that he never swallowed toothpaste again. What seems to be an innocent lie for an adult, can create a bizarre fantasy world for a child. He collected these white lies from people around him and used some of the lies his parents told him as a child. Working with different artists with different backgrounds they have tried to visualize these stories and show how a seemingly innocent lie can turn into a startling scene.

Concept, directing and post production

When you swallow toothpaste your belly will glow up at night

When you swallow gum your organs will stick together


Melons sound hollow because there are little men inside with little spades
Wye melons sound hollow I
Wye melons sound hollow II


When you swallow a apple seed a tree will grow in your bellyAppleseed


Clouds are made by factories

When you masturbate you will get hairy palms Masturbation